Get Your Online Presence Up and Running

Akins Campaign Strategy can get your online presence up and running quickly. Take advantage of this special:

  • Website with your own personal domain
  • Email Addresses
  • Twitter Account
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Integrate Twitter and Facebook into your webpage
  • Online contribution – secure and protected
  • Email communications system – free for the first 2,000 email addresses and 12,000 emails per month

All for $1,000. Call Chris at 850-345-0269 or email him at to begin setting up today.

Your Opportunity for Victory Begins Here

You’re a Republican or a conservative in a rural area generally dominated by conservative-leaning Democrats – but Democrats regardless.

You want the best opportunity you can get to win.

You want objective advice on how to run your campaign – what you should do, where you should go, what mail to send, how to set up your website and social networking.

Akins Campaign Strategy can help you meet your needs by working with you, your campaign, and your vendors to coordinate your message and your media, making sure you deliver a clear, consistent, and concise message that can help maximize your final vote on Election Day.

Akins Campaign Strategy specializes in helping Republicans and conservatives in rural and down-ballot races, bringing an affordable and effective voice to the campaign.

Chris Akins will also answer any question regarding campaign strategy, message, media, and other campaign concepts on the Strategy Blog. Simply send a message to or submit your question and your question and answer will be posted on the blog.

Your information will remain anonymous and your question will help others.

Helping Republicans and Conservatives Win