Voting Gaps

Via Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish:

Electionate ponders the education gap:

While the “gender gap” has received considerable attention, the “education gap” might be getting short-changed. If the Pew numbers are accurate, then college and non-college whites appear to be participating in different elections; college educated whites are offering 2008-levels of support to Obama, while non-college whites are as reluctant to endorse Obama as they were to support House Democrats in the 2010 midterms.

John Sides asks journalists to read polls responsibly:

Compare the trends among the group in focus to the trends among other groups.  It doesn’t mean much if Obama is down among young voters if he’s down among middle-aged voters and seniors too.  Often, swings among demographic groups are fairly uniform, which suggests that a candidate may not have a unique problem with one group but a systemic problem with many groups.  You have to compare multiple groups at once.  I discussed this before with regard to Jewish voters and Obama.